We have a way you can learn effective self defense via your phone…at your own pace

We are going to get to the point as we know you have a lot of things to do between work , family , your relationship, possibly children , your hobbies , spending time with family , friends and running erands.

We have an online course that you can learn very effectively to defend yourself. Made for women. Made for countries like ours with high crime rates. We know how the possible attackers think and we know you just want something that will make you feel better about doing something to improve your chances. We have something that is very well priced , super easy to use and will do 100% what you need plus so much more

Here what others are saying about the Invisiblemandefense course

The Invisiblemandefense course has been helping women for over 10 years learn to effectively increase their chances of not being targeted by potential attackers.

For the price of 3 cups of coffee a month you can greatly improve your chances of being able to look after yourself . Peace of mind OR 3 cappuccinos ?
FREE – Module 6 Introduction to PINS : Pre event indicators (PINS) are things you can look out for to determine if someone might be a potential attacker – and therefore be more aware and ready using MAC and the Color Codes we will teach you

It’s so easy to feel better prepared when I leave the house ! The lessons are fun to watch and I learnt from each one – Claire

As a women training in physical self defense is a challenge – you have to find the time and also the hard contact and bruises isn’t something to look forward to.

The Invisiblemandefense online course works perfect on it’s own or with your physical self defense training to teach you not only a handful of key techniques , but various aspects of awareness so that you greatly reduce your chance of being selected as a potential target .

FREE – Module 11 Advanced Color Codes : Color Codes helps you to know HOW to react in a certain situation. It saves time and takes second guessing out of the equation. In a self defense situation , time saved means lives saved

If the attacker can’t get you – you don’t need any techniques . And if you he does , you have the techniques to get out of that situation. BUT using our app to learn the skills and play the scenario games you are getting used to thinking in a way that makes you a hard target

FREE – Module 13 MAC in action : Move Assess Communicate (MAC) is a specific set of skills to prevent a would-be attacker from coming too close to you
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